Certification Process Overview

CI staff works with PEOs every step of the way to efficiently complete the following steps for the initial and renewal certification processes.

STEP 1: PEO applicants submit a brief online application, pay the application fee, and provide the supporting documents listed in the Program Manual's Table 3.
STEP 2: CI reviews submitted materials and helps the PEO ensure risk management capabilities and policies/procedures required by the best practices are in place.
STEP 3: CI randomly selects 5 clients from the PEO's confidentially coded client data (no client names required) and requests information specified in the Program Manual's Table 2. (Some payroll software vendors have created a "single click" client list export function as a service to WC certified PEOs.)
STEP 4: CI reviews submitted information for the selected clients and verifies best practices are being appropriately implemented.
STEP 5: CI documents its review, submits results to the program's Certification Committee for review and approval, and notifies the PEO of the results.
STEP 1: Certified PEOs receive an annual email reminder to submit updated confidentially coded client data from which CI randomly selects 5 clients (3 clients for PEOs that have completed two annual reviews) to review the information outlined in the Program Manual's Table 2.
STEP 2: Certified PEOs update both their annual 'management attestation' and supporting documents as detailed in the Program Manual's Table 3, and pay the annual certification monitoring fee.
STEP 3: CI reviews submitted information to verify continuing compliance with best practice requirements, documents its review and notifies the PEO of its ongoing certification approval.

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Simplify Certification Qualification...
Sample WC Risk Management Documents

As a service to its members, NAPEO commissioned CI to develop prototype documents that include the basic elements needed to satisfy PEO WC best practice certification requirements for written policies and procedures. The following documents are available for adaptation to a PEO's specific operations to help achieve WC risk management certification in a more timely and cost efficient manner.

  • Business plan
  • Client service agreement
  • WC risk assessment
  • WC loss prevention
  • WC claims management

These documents are available to NAPEO members on the "Members Only" section of NAPEO's website.

Payroll Software

CI staff works with payroll software companies to develop "single click" file exports of the confidential client file required for a PEO's initial application and ongoing WC certification.

This service is currently provided by the following companies:

  • Darwin: version 9.0 released in the 4th quarter of 2007 provides access to the export link through the following path:
    "Reports/Payroll/Workers' Comp/Certification Institute Detail"
  • Prism/HRPyramid: contact Support at 508-747-7261 and request a support ticket to provide steps for producing the "CW WC Client List"
  • Summit Software: contact Kraig Sanders (501-771-2600) to request installation of the "WC Certification Client List Export module" for your PEO

Please contact your payroll vendor if not listed above to ask about the projected availability of this time and money saving feature to help simplify your certification renewals. Contact CI for additional information.

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