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Rob Morris, CRM, CIC
Vice President-Casualty Underwriting, Zurich Global Corporate Casualty North America

Regardless of whether the current market conditions are hard or soft for workers’ compensation and regardless of whether a PEO’s workers compensation program is written on a guaranteed cost or loss sensitive program, that PEO’s own loss experience will ultimately determine the costs of their workers compensation program. This cost in turn will ultimately impact a PEO’s ability to compete with their peer companies for the same client company business.

One proven method for controlling a PEO’s workers’ compensation loss experience is participating in the WC RM Certification program. This program provides evolving industry best practices that are specifically designed to enable a PEO to better control its loss exposures and improve operating efficiencies. Since a PEO’s own loss experience could represent in excess of 70% of that PEO’s ultimate costs for workers compensation, the costs and time associated with obtaining and maintaining a WC RM Certification designation appears to be a prudent use of resources.

At Zurich we understand the benefits a PEO can achieve through WC RM Certification and we specifically target many PEOs as prospective customers because of the fact they have this designation.

Andy Atsaves
Senior Vice President, Artex Risk Solutions, Inc.

In its 15 years of underwriting and managing workers’ compensation insurance for the PEO industry, Artex has consistently found PEOs that have been through CI’s WC certification process have better risk management paradigms, better financial results, and more stability in their operations than their non-certified peers. As such, we tend to see certified PEOs achieving consistently lower costs of workers’ compensation coverage than non-certified companies.

Additionally it is a fact that, regardless of industry, companies that go through financial audits are more transparent, and ultimately produce more value in their operations than non-audited companies. Artex views the certification process in a similar light, in that PEOs that take the steps to go through CI’s WC certification process are committed to risk management best practices that frankly separate them from the rest of the industry and generally achieve more competitive workers compensation programs than non-certified companies.

While P&C market conditions have been soft over the past several years, everyone knows WC insurance is highly cyclical and, with combined ratios reaching unsustainable levels, there will inevitably be market corrections. WC risk management certified PEOs will be best positioned to weather this impending storm. To that end, forward looking PEO owners would be well served to invest in their futures by engaging in the Workers Compensation Certification program now, not when the next hard market has already arrived.

Ted Kirchharr
VP/COO, Landrum Professional Employer Services

Landrum Companies recognized early the value of the certification process. We saw it as a way to apply best practices to our risk management program and to differentiate us in our market. We proved to be right on both counts. In the two years following our certification, we decreased our disability days per million dollars of payroll by 74% percent. In addition, we were approached by a prospect who was looking for a PEO in Florida that was both WC certified and had ESAC coverage. We were one of two PEOs under consideration. This prospect is now one of our largest clients.

Chuck Schellenger
Past CEO, PeopLease Corporation

PeopLease has been certified by the Certification Institute since 2005. The CI program helps us keep our loss control program disciplined and consistent, which helps minimize our losses. With our loss sensitive work comp program, the prevention or control of just one large claim per year can result in savings of 4 to 10 times or more of our annual fees and costs. Certification is a tremendous tool and a tremendous bargain.

Ben Harrison
President, PRemployer, Inc.

As an owner, it is nice to have an outside group reviewing our WC risk management practices. Our certification has helped us with getting our files better organized and we are improving our systems on an annual basis.

Paul Hughes
CEO, Risk Transfer Solutions

The certification program provides an opportunity for the PEO and insurance industries to work together to ensure long term profitability and growth for all parties.

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